SportsPower Weir Group

Jan 17 , 2019

SportsPower Weir Group

Sport is for everyone, so why not look the goods when participating!

Sport can be played or participated in for various reasons. You may be seeking to increase your fitness levels through physical exertion, wanting to impress that girl on the mixed netball team, get a rocking bod for summer, enjoy feeling a sense of belonging to a team or be truly passionate about the strategies and physicality that your chosen sport entails.


A professional of any nature all rely on the tools of the trade. An athlete no matter if they are just starting out or winning the Melbourne Marathon all rely on the tools of their trade. At Sportspower Weir Group we believe in equipping tomorrows superstars with the right equipment to run their own race and strive for the shining lights of the MCG on Grand Final night.

We believe all budding, maturing, wanna-bes, has beens, bench warmers and those just out to have a crack should be able to feel comfortable and stylish whilst running, playing, swimming, riding or walking. We have the right gear to fit you out from head to toe so you don’t stand out like a sore thumb on game day.



Our leading brands of Adidas, Asics, Champion, Nike, Puma, Russell Athletic will allow you to breathe easy and enjoy your day participating in your chosen sport wearing the right gear to improve your performance. Don’t be dragged down by not having the right gear for the sport you have chosen. At Sportspower Weir Group we are your local expert the best equipped to help you achieve to your full potential.  

Even if you are sweating up a storm at least you will look the goods while doing it!

Catch you next round,

Sportspower Weir Group
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